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Early Support

A way of working with disabled children to help them do better in school.

Early Years

Birth to five years.

Early Years Education Settings

All pre-school education provision, such as nursery classes and schools, day nurseries, playgroups, childminders and portage services.

ECH Needs Assessment

A new assessment for disabled children and young people to help decide what services and support they need.

Education Funding Agency (EFA)

Decides how schools and colleges get their money.

EHC Plan
A new document that will set out what support disabled children and young people should get in school. This will replace a ‘statement’ and will follow the child or young person from the point of issue until 25 years of age, unless the young person no longer continues in education.
One of the biggest changes is the involvement from the start of the parent carer, and if suitable, the young person themselves.  In the new Plan, an “All About Me” fact sheet about the needs, wants, aspirations of the young person will have to be included.  In fact, once the young person reaches 16, they can become the author of their own Plan and make decisions on where they wish to be educated and what course they would prefer. 

An officer of the local authority dealing with provision and placement of children with special educational needs, particularly those with a ECH Plan or Needs Assessment


A professional employed by the local authority to assess a child’s Special Educational Needs and to give advice to schools and settings as to how the child’s needs can be met.


Educational Psychology Service


An officer of the local authority dealing with young people who have irregular attendance or frequent absence from school. EWOs look at reasons for attendance problems and work with teams from Social Care to identify and support children involved in child protection procedures.


Early Years and Childcare


The framework which sets out standards and provides a flexible approach which supports learning and development until the end of year at school.