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A law that has been passed by Parliament.

Additional Learning Support

This is what further education describe special education needs as.

Additional SEN Support:

The replacement for school action and school action plus for young people with special educational needs who are not covered by education health and care plans.


Someone who helps children and young people make decisions in their lives.


A  local authority officer who, in addition to supporting the education officer has responsibility for SEN casework.

Alternative Providers

Organisations that provide services to people but are not funded by the government, for example private care organisations.

Annual Review

The process of ensuring that an Education, Health and Care Plan continues to describe the child’s needs and how they should be met through a meeting held once each year. 


To argue against something or question a decision you don’t agree with using the law.


Autistic Spectrum Disorder


A review to find out what extra support a disabled person needs, for example to decide if a student needs extra support in school or college.


Being able to make your own decisions about things.


Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties


A Bill is something the government wants to become law, but is waiting for Parliament to agree to.


Behavioural Support Team


The Common Assessment Framework, known as CAF, is used as a means of recognising and addressing the needs of families.